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Monday, June 22, 2009

New blog for Peace Education SIG!

Hi All

Welcome to the new blog of the AERA Peace Education SIG!

This is all a new experience for some of us and we look forward to seeing how the blog can help build and sustain our peace education research community. Please let us know your news via the blog.

We are very grateful to Joy Wiggins from the University of Texas at Arlington for setting up and managing the blog :)

Don't forget the new deadline for AERA proposals is 15 July 2009 so please get them in for the Peace Education SIG on time! Please also sign up online to act as Chair and Discussant and Reviewer. If you wish to be considered for the Peer Review Panel please send you short bio to Elavie Ndura very quickly...

Best wishes all and happy blogging


Dr Claire McGlynn
Chair, Peace Education SIG, AERA


  1. Congratulations on the new blog. I believe this will be an excellent tool for communicating with one another.

    If anyone is interested I maintain a blog at
    and my website is

    Well, I am off for breakfast with a friend.

    Warm regards

  2. Thanks Tom

    Things have been challenging here in Northern Ireland - as you may have seen there have been a number of racist attacks against members of the Romanian community. More than 100 people, including a 5 week old baby, took shelter in a church just down the road from my office and many have since returned to Romania.

    It is now coming into the summer 'marching' season here when divisions can be accentuated. Hopefully with the efforts of right-minded people we will keep a lid on these horrible things. Unfortunately many of us have been warning of growing racism for some time now.

    Yours in peace

    Claire McGlynn